Leveraging HubSpot for Revenue Operations (even if you don’t know what RevOps means)

Apr 28, 2021, 2:00 – 4:00 PM

The Hubspot CRM Platform has evolved into a system that supports Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service teams. Combined, these departments make up the framework for Revenue Operations. In this HUG, we’ll dive into the seven areas of RevOps and explain how you can leverage HubSpot in each area to improve Customer Experience and Employee Experience and achieve overall Operational Excellence.

About this event

Our speaker for this 45-minute presentation is Adam Stewart, Chief Marketing Officer at Denamico, a Diamond tier HubSpot Solutions Partner. Adam will talk us through specific use cases in HubSpot to reduce friction in your business, and align the Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams. This presentation will be relevant to leaders as well as individual contributors on these teams.

After attending this HUG, you will understand:

  • What exactly is revenue operations
  • The connection between Customer Experience, Employee Experience, and Operational Excellence
  • How the HubSpot toolset enables RevOps
  • Common areas of friction for businesses, and how to address them


  • Adam Stewart


    Chief Marketing Officer


  • Kristin Dennewill


    Partner & President

  • Dave Meyer




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