Evolution of Getting Product Usage Data into HubSpot and Connecting Systems for PLG

Jun 22, 2023, 5:00 – 6:00 PM

Curious about how to implement PLG, key metrics, and getting product usage data into HubSpot? Please sign up for this session!


About this event

Learn about the evolution of PLG and options for getting customer product usage data into HubSpot for your RevOps, marketing, sales, and customer success teams. JP Zangre, Head of Revenue Operations, Evan Dunn, Director of Growth Marketing, and Nate Roybal, Director of Partnerships, will be leading the session.

We’ll cover

  • Why implement PLG in the first place: metrics, signals, amd insights necessary to implement PLG
  • The value of implementing PLG projects across marketing, sales, customer success, and finance
  • What are the objects to connect between your product and the HubSpot CRM
  • Previous approaches of getting product usage data into HubSpot, including iPaaS, custom solutions, and reverse ETL, data automation

This fireside chat will be 100% LIVE, not pre-recorded, and will be hosted in an interactive 60-minute format, including Q&A.

Speakers bio:

  • Jessica (JP) Zangre is Head of Revenue Operations at Syncari. Previously, she has worked marketing and sales operations at People.ai, CircleCI, and Ringcentral. In her free time, she enjoys database design.
  • Evan Dunn is Director of Growth Marketing at Syncari. Before Syncari, he has worked various marketing and product roles at Airwallex, Convoy and Resonance AI previously. In his free time, he enjoys performing poetry.
  • Nate Roybal is Director of Partnerships and Embedded Sales at Syncari. Previously, he has worked sales and partnership roles at Workato and Signal Engineering. Dyslexia and ADHD are his superpowers.

Registration Instructions:

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  • Jessica (JP) Zangre


    Head of Revenue Operations

  • Evan Dunn


    Director of Growth Marketing

  • Nate Roybal


    Director of Partnerships and Embedded Sales


  • Islin Munisteri

    Theia Marketing

    HUG Leader

  • Lucas Munisteri

    Theia Marketing