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Go-To-Market Mastery


Welcome to the HubSpot User Group for mastering your go-to-market strategy.

Instead of rushing to market without a clear plan, join us for monthly virtual events, where we discuss and show you how to implement proven, repeatable frameworks for going to market.

Who owns the go-to-market strategy in your business? We’ll let you in on a secret: it should be a combined effort including your marketing, sales, and success teams. Wondering how you can pull that off? This is the HubSpot User Group you’re looking for.

If you want to align your team, outsell & outgrow the competition, and drive ROI from the get-go, join us…

Hosted by Kevin Barber, Head of Growth @ Lean Labs, and mentor to 50+ high growth companies. Expect nuggets of wisdom, immense value, and strategic advice.

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16 may 2024


Magnetic Messaging for High-Traction Campaigns

Many brands focus their messaging and marketing more on what they sell rather than who buys it. Shifting to a customer-centric approach will help you create high-traction campaigns using message/market match and proven frameworks for developing differentiated messaging that gets results, aligns with customer thinking, and drives growth.

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Virtual Event

The Ideal Go-To-Market Foundation


Kevin Barber

HUG Leader
Lean Labs

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