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The place to be for all Finnish HubSpot users! Join us for exciting events all year long and for the great HubSpot users community, we have here. Expand your network, stay up to date on all things HubSpot, learn from others, share your ideas, and just have a good time 😊  Join our chapter now and we'll reach out when we have events scheduled!

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  • Kirsi Naumanen

    Kirsi Naumanen

    HUG Leader

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  • Noura Mekhane

    Noura Mekhane

    Sales Communications

    HUG Host

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  • Mika Ahonen

    Mika Ahonen

    Sales Communications Oy

    Senior HubSpot consultant

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  • Joni Laukkonen

    Joni Laukkonen

    HUG Host