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Houston HUG 🧡

Hello everyone! Very excited to welcome you to the first-ever Houston HubSpot User Group! In this group, we will be meeting quarterly (or more), on ways that you can grow and optimize your business using HubSpot! Featuring exciting speakers and even more exciting topics we are looking to become a Texas-sized HUG!

Our Houston HUG is led by none other than Houston native Christopher Barnett, Founder/CEO @ WORQFLOW! 

Upcoming events

Oct 12, 2023

Virtual Event

Houston HUG: Extending the power of the HubSpot CRM with Hapily

Learn how to get the most our of your HubSpot CRM with Hapily's full suite of products. Featuring Dax Miller, Head of Product @ hapily, he will be walking through some of the best functions and use cases for the evergrowing HubSpot ecosystem.

Past events


Leveraging HubSpot for Solutions Based Selling

Virtual Event

Houston Virtual HUG: Hacking the Marketing-to-Sales Handoff


Christopher Barnett

HUG Leader


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