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Welcome to New York City, where the pulse of the world beats with endless energy, dreams, and boundless possibilities!

In the heart of New York City, where innovation thrives and ideas spark into extraordinary successes, we invite you to be part of a transformative journey with the New York City HubSpot User Group (NYC HUG). This is your exclusive opportunity to delve deep into the world of HubSpot and leverage its full potential to revolutionize your business.

Why NYC HUG is Your Gateway to Business Excellence:

Master Process Automation: Uncover the secrets of HubSpot’s cutting-edge automation tools. Learn how to streamline your workflows, enhance efficiency, and reduce manual effort, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - growth and innovation.

Industry Best Practices: Stay at the forefront with insights into industry best practices. Our sessions offer you a unique chance to learn how top-performing companies leverage HubSpot for maximum impact.

Insightful Case Studies: Dive into real-world scenarios with our extensive collection of case studies. Learn from the challenges and triumphs of others, and apply these invaluable lessons to your business strategy.

Digital Transformation Steps: Embark on your journey of digital transformation with confidence. We break down the process into actionable steps, helping you to integrate HubSpot into every facet of your business for seamless, efficient operations.

Networking and Collaborative Learning: Connect with fellow HubSpot users, industry experts, and thought leaders. Share experiences, exchange ideas, and forge relationships that open doors to new opportunities and insights.

Continuous Learning and Development: With regular meet-ups, workshops, and seminars, we ensure you're always up-to-date with the latest trends, updates, and tools that HubSpot offers.

Our Vision for You:

As the epicenter of ambition and innovation, NYC HUG is more than just a user group; it's a platform for growth, learning, and transformation. We are dedicated to empowering each of our members to not just achieve their goals but to redefine the standards of success in their respective industries.

Join Us Today:

This is an open invitation to be part of a group that’s redefining the future of business through technology and innovation. Whether you're a seasoned HubSpot veteran or just starting, there's something here for everyone.

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"Navigating in HubSpot's Enterprise Architecture Implementation"

Join us for an insightful HubSpot User Group event as we navigate the complexities of implementing HubSpot's Enterprise Architecture across multiple business units. Learn best practices, tips, and strategies for seamless integration, and discover how to maximize the potential of HubSpot for your entire organization.

Past events


"Optimizing Time Management: HubSpot & Clockify Integration"


"Beyond Basics: Exploring Custom Objects for Business Expansion in HubSpot"


The Automated Advantage: Beating the Competition Without a Sales Team!

Virtual Event

Avoid Failure: How to Implement your CRM to Succeed

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