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Welcome to the Orlando HUG! We are a fun group that meets at least once a quarter to uncover the little-known gems inside the HubSpot tools so you can make the most of your extraordinary investment.

Since we are able to meet online (and know that we will have reliable internet), we minimize the age-old “Death by PowerPoint” format in favor of live action, diving right into the HubSpot platform to show you how to maximize your marketing, sales, and support endeavors.

Your takeaways are practical, specialized, and filled with new ideas in how you can use the HubSpot platform in ways you might not have thought of before.

Our HUG events cover the Marketing, Sales, Service, Operations, or CMS Hubs, and when we really want to get wild and crazy, we’ll cover a combination of them all! I mean, seriously, how can you possibly pass up an opportunity like that?


So, whether you work in marketing, sales, operations, customer service, design, or leadership, you will find topics that suit you here.

Alexi Leimbach and Nancy Lambert are the leaders of the Orlando (Central Florida) HUG and are often the presenters for these events. We like to take real-life use cases we are doing for our clients in various industries and teach you how to do what we did so you can be experts within your own company.

We love to share our wealth of knowledge with you so you can find HubSpot as fun, as valuable, and as rewarding as we do! Your eyes will be opened to a whole new world of opportunities to demonstrate just how valuable you are to your company and fellow employees. They may even throw a party in your honor to show their appreciation for how you used your ingenuity and HubSpot knowledge to make your company profits soar.

Don’t miss out! If this sounds like your cup of tea, (which, come on, who doesn’t want to be the hero in the office?), we would love for you to join us! Grab a sandwich (because we won’t hear you chewing!), a cup of tea or coffee, and log in for a heartwarming HUG from us. It won’t be the same without you!

Did we forget to tell you It’s Free?! Seriously, it’s free training. You can’t beat it! 

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Alexi Leimbach

HUG Leader Xcellimark

Nancy Lambert

CEO & Co-Founder Xcellimark

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