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Welcome to the center of the HubSpot world in Arizona! 

The Phoenix HubSpot User Group is one of the most active in the world. Our mission is to bring HubSpot users together to help each other grow our companies and delight our customers. Please join the PHX HUG or sign up for an event to stay up to date on HubSpot User Group announcements in Arizona. 

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If you have implemented something in HubSpot that has gotten you results or have a HubSpot tactic that you want to teach to the group, we would love to have you present at an upcoming HUG meeting. Please contact Josh Paul (the HUG leader) if you are interested.

Upcoming events

12 mar 2024


Ask Me Anything: Workflows and Automation [VIRTUAL]

You can build virtually any business process into HubSpot. While that flexibility is great news, it can be overwhelming if you have only been doing CRM or RevOps work in HubSpot for a few years. In this virtual Phoenix HubSpot User Group meeting, you'll get clarity around HubSpot automation and workflows, knock down roadblocks, and learn how to build more efficient sales and marketing systems.

Past events


Workshop: How to Create a Prospecting/Outbound Sales System in HubSpot [IN-PERSON]


2024 PHX HUG Kick-Off and Top 10 New HubSpot Features of the Past 6 Months [Virtual]


Best New HubSpot Features of 2023 and INBOUND Recap (In-Person HUG)

Virtual Event

Lighting Round Series: Data Hygiene Best Practices and Automation

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Josh Paul

HUG Leader
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