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SaaS (UK)


The HubSpot User Group meetup is for those that invest in highly automated work environments—discussing marketing, sales and onboarding for fast-growth B2B companies invested in HubSpot.

Look out for topics such as RevOps, ABM, PLG, Demand Generation, HubSpot CMS Websites, office hours, HubSpot product updates and demos, Sales enablement, and more.

We bring speakers that add value to your time attending events delivering practical takeaways and implementation tips. We will follow speakers with office hours or AMAs on the same subject so that you can probe into new ideas and solutions.

Don't forget to send us your feedback and suggestions so that we can build a great community.

Past events


Website and custom tools that empower digital transformation - a case study


ABM 1:Many - Office Hours and Ask Me Anything (AMAs)


ABM 1:Many - How to target a broad Total Addressable Market (TAM) with ABM


ABM 1:Few - Office Hours and Ask Me Anything (AMAs)


Paul Sullivan

HUG Leader

Rob White

HUG Support