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👋 Welcome to the SEO + Performance + CMS HUG!

A place where SEOs, techies, devs, and marketers of all skill levels hang out to Grow Better!

What we're here to do

Explore the depths of SEO and Performance tools (in and out of HubSpot) that work together to optimize your CMS Hub websites!

These are some of the events you can expect to see, but open to suggestions, too!

  • SEO Topics Deep Dive
  • Integrating Google Tag Manager for Better Performance with Third-Party Scripts
  • AMA about Google Core Vitals
  • Performance Reports Workshop
  • Managing URL Redirects
  • SEO and Performance Tips & Tricks: Migrating Your Website to HubSpot
  • SEO Topics Workshop (accepting volunteers to share your results!

There will be some pretty cool special guests, at least three so far! 😉

The plan is to meet once per quarter, everyone has a lot going on and there will be a lot to digest, test, and implement afterward, so we're not going to try to cram it all in at once 🤯


While the basics of SEO are quite simple, the technical aspects of Google Core Vitals and all the acronyms that come with it have made things a little more challenging to master. I want to help make things easier to understand so you can get the most from the SEO tools in HubSpot and optimize your website using CMS Hub!

Why me?

I have 30+ certifications from HubSpot Academy, including SEO and SEO II, I'm a member of the CMS for Marketers HUG (highly recommend joining if you're a marketer), and am also a Community Champion and Thought Leader in the HubSpot Community (join the SEO group and CMS for Marketers group too), where I help others solve challenges and share insights whenever possible → basically, I want to share my passion with more like-minded people!

I previously worked with maka Agency to provide technical support, project management and marketing for POWER Pro theme and while I've been building websites for over 25 years, my current role at WORQFLOW is focused on RevOps where I help clients find success across all hubs, including CMS Hub.

Upcoming events



SEO Recommendations Deep Dive

How many SEO Recommendations does your website have? We're going to do a deep dive on an account with the most recommendations LIVE to help explain exactly what steps to take to resolve the issues, what they mean, and how to prioritize.

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Leveraging Community for HubSpot Success


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Virtual Event

Building Bridges: Marketers + Developers = SEO Success


Jennifer Nixon

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