Start a HUG

Our HUG program wouldn’t be possible without enthusiastic people like you! We’re regularly looking for ways to expand our network of HUGs by adding chapters that help us reach customers in new ways.

There are a few different types of HUGs that we’re regularly looking to add to the program. In addition to regionally focused or city-based HUGs, we also look for:

Industry: Help connect users by the type of company they work for. For example, those who work for a legal services firm, or those who work in manufacturing.

Skill: Unite with other users by a skill or job role. For example, email marketing, social media management, sales forecasting, etc…

Interest: Find users like you who identify by interest. Some examples of these would be Women in Tech, LatinX Marketers, LGBTQ+ Sales

Some things we ask of our HUG Leaders:

  1. Focus your HUG activities around helping to educate and connect current HubSpot users and customers. Content should be product-focused and aimed at helping users get more out of the software they are using.
  2. Commit to hosting at least one (1) quarterly event or meet-up for your community.
  3. In-between meet-ups, post regularly on the HubSpot Community to keep your group members engaged.
  4. Exclusively use the approved software solution provided to host community discussions, manage events, and run virtual meet-ups.
  5. Sign an official Leader Agreement that specifies all our program terms following your acceptance and prior to the start of leading your HUG.

If this all sounds good and you’re interested in learning more, you can learn more and apply to lead a HUG here.

Apply to be a HUG leader