Thanks for your interest in the Sydney HubSpot User Group! We are a group of HubSpot enthusiasts based in Sydney. Our goal and mission for the Sydney HubSpot User Group is to empower and support all of the HubSpot users in Sydney. Giving them access and support to some of the best HubSpot resources available!

The HubSpot User Group gives professionals in Sydney using (or considering to use) HubSpot a place to connect and talk about all things HubSpot. An opportunity to share ideas and challenge the status quo when it comes to Sales, Marketing, Services, and all things digital!

If you are interested in speaking at one of our HubSpot User Group events you can reach out to us through the Sydney HubSpot User Group channel. Stay in the loop and we cannot wait to connect with you!

Upcoming events

Oct 17, 2023


Unlock The Power of AI in your Sales and Marketing

A new technology breakthrough released last year called ChatGPT that’s backed by Microsoft and LinkedIn automatically generates text based on written prompts in a fashion that’s much more advanced and creative than traditional chatbots. AI is changing the way we learn, communicate and engage. Keep up with these latest trends and stay ahead of your competition in this special event.

Past events


Unlocking RevOps: Empowering Sales & Marketing Pros


AI Tools and Automation: Driving Your Marketing in 2023

Virtual Event

Sydney HUG Event | Increase your CRO and fix your websites leaky bucket problem!

Virtual Event

How the Marketing Playbook has Changed in 2021 | Find out what's in and what's out this year!

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