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Welcome to the Western Canada HubSpot User Group!

We’re a group of passionate HubSpot users and partners spread from Hudson’s Bay to Vancouver Island and everywhere in between. We’re focused on giving you insightful, impactful information that will improve the HubSpot experience for you, your users and your customers.

Whether you’re new to HubSpot or have been using it for years, we’re all excited to connect with fellow Canadian HubSpot users!

Upcoming events

13 jun 2024


How To Set Your Users Up for Success and Increase Adoption

You’ve created properties for everything important to your team, automations to cover every situation under the sun and reports to show how well it’s all working! So, why doesn’t your team want to use any of it? That’s a question we get from HubSpot admins all the time and this HUG session is dedicated to helping you make HubSpot more approachable and efficient for your users.

Past events


Learning to Let Go: How to Sunset Marketing Contacts


A 45-Minute Intro to Managing Subscriptions, Opt-Outs and Unsubscribes in HubSpot

Virtual Event

Top 10 Tips, Tools and Troubleshooting Tactics


WordPress vs. HubSpot: Comparing and Contrasting

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Cody Pierson

HUG Leader
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