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As the HubSpot Customer Platform continues to evolve with over 800 product updates in 2023 and new Hubs, workspaces, and dashboards showing up regularly, it is impossible for any one human to keep up with all the ways that HubSpot can be used to grow your business.

The goal of this HubSpot User Group is to bring great minds together to create a shared understanding and common language of how HubSpot can help businesses and users through the lens of a "Customer Platform."

While most attention is paid to the new things that come out every day, a Customer Platform strategy can also change the value traditional functionality provides.

Whether you are a full-time admin or a brand-new user, come join us. Each month, we'll meet up to create a foundation of knowledge that helps you wrap HubSpot around your business to get the most out of your investment of time, energy, and money.

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Upcoming topics include:

June: What is a Customer Platform?

July: What is so smart about the HubSpot Smart CRM?

August: HubSpot Smart CRM vs Hubs: What's the difference?

September: INBOUND recap and the magic of the HubSpot Connected Ecosystem 

Upcoming events

24 jul 2024


What makes the Smart CRM smart?

HubSpot has evolved from simply CRM or “all-in-one CRM” to a "Smart CRM". But what does that even mean? Join us to learn how the HubSpot Smart CRM enables and empowers all HubSpot users to spend less time with the robots and more time with the humans.

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What is a Customer Platform?


Chris Carolan

RevOps & CX Consultant Conveying Your Message LLC

George B. Thomas

Chief HubSpot Helper Sidekick Strategies

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