What is a Customer Platform?

Jun 26, 3:00 – 4:00 PM

You might be familiar with terms like marketing automation, CRM, help desk, and eCommerce. But what the heck does "Customer Platform" mean? Join us for a frank discussion about what it means to us and others in the HubSpot Ecosystem.


About this event

In this event, we will set the foundation for every valuable discussion to be had in this HUG. We'll talk about the three key components that are unified by default:

Engagement Hubs that connect your front office with customers across the entire journey.

Smart CRM with customer data and artificial intelligence to power the entire platform and drive efficiency.

Connected ecosystem that extends the customer platform with an app marketplace, educational content, and community network.


  • Chris Carolan

    Conveying Your Message LLC

    RevOps & CX Consultant

  • George B. Thomas

    Sidekick Strategies

    Chief HubSpot Helper