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Welcome to the HubSpot User Group for those working in the Education sector! 👋
Join us for our regular events (virtual for now!), where we bring together HubSpot users from across the education sector to share their knowledge, insight and best practices across a wide range of inbound marketing, admissions and HubSpot-related topics!

Do you work in a school, college, university or online training provider? Perhaps you work in a business that serves the education sector? This is the HubSpot User Group for you! Join our next event - more information coming soon!

You'll hear from HubSpot-for-education experts and take part in workshops and discussions with the end goal to help you get more from HubSpot and its suite of products.

Hosted by the team at HubGem Marketing (a Diamond 💎 HubSpot Solutions Partner), who have over a decade of experience in education marketing and admissions and as HubSpot users... you can expect an event with lots of actionable tips, strategic advice and education sector-specific insight!

Join our Facebook and LinkedIn HUG for education groups, for all industry news, HubSpot updates and best practice. 

Upcoming events

5 jun 2024


Why your Leadership Team should embrace HubSpot

Join our education specialists as we offer the top ways to pitch HubSpot CRM to your Senior Leadership team. In this helpful HUG we share all of the top features of HubSpot to focus on when sharing the CRM for the first time with your senior leaders.

24 jun 2024


Current Student Communications - Turn them into promoters!

Naturally, we all put our marketing focus into new prospects in education. But what about the hundreds of current customers sitting in your portal? In this HUG we switch focus and share the best ways to utilise current student communications to turn them into your best promoters!

17 jul 2024


HubSpot for Apprenticeship Training Providers

Welcome back to another education-focused HUG and join Gemma W and Connor as we explore the world of CRM for apprenticeship training providers. In this HUG we will be covering the best HubSpot tools which will help you to manage your online communications better and ensure you can create a unique experience for all of your prospects and their training needs!

31 jul 2024


How to boost your college's SEO using HubSpot tools

Learn the SEO tips to help your school stand out in this mini HUG. You will receive a 30-minute SEO boost refresher to help catapult your school's visibility using HubSpot's handy SEO tools. Join education specialist CRM Training & Development Manager Guy as he shares his best tips for schools to develop their SEO.

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Past events


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Gemma Price

HUG Leader | CEO at HubGem Marketing
HubGem Marketing Ltd

Sophie Frater

Senior Business Development Consultant

Chloe Snedden

Senior Business Development Consultant

Olly Kenyon

Marketing & CRM Executive

Gemma Woods

Senior Marketing & CRM Consultant

Guy Bloodworth

CRM Training and Development Manager

Katie Hill

Apprentice Marketing & CRM Executive

Amy Praties

Senior Marketing Executive

Danny Briggs

Apprentice Business Development Executive


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