Promote a Better Customer Experience through Self-Service

Mar 19, 10:00 – 11:00 PM

A new trend is sweeping across your customer base and only continues to gain momentum as we all lean into our digital tools and toys. Digital self-service is changing the way customers engage with brands and move through the customer journey. Let’s unpack this trend and help your business grow with it at this quarter's special event.

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About this event

Recent studies show that B2B customers are now 80% through the sales process before they actually talk to a sales person…

This is a massive shift from the traditional sales process.

Join us online as we take a deep dive into the uptake of digital self-service trends and what this actually means for businesses.

Hype & Dexter experts will cover some of the big opportunities that are presented by adopting self-service solutions, as well as what self-service solutions your business should be considering, before taking a very close and practical look at how one of HubSpot’s Service Hub features can facilitate digital self-service on a massive scale.

Register for our first Auckland HUG event of 2024 - March 20th 11am NZST.

Please note, this is a virtual event, so you can join from anywhere in New Zealand (or overseas). 


  • Alex Mackrill

    Hype & Dexter


  • Sean Towson

    Hype & Dexter

    Marketing Implementation Lead


  • Alex Mackrill

    Hype & Dexter

    HUG Leader

  • Ivanha Heynes

    HUG Support


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