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Auckland is a diverse bunch and as such, here at Auckland's HUGs, we value diversity. Auckland HUGs are a opportunity for HubSpot users of all levels and Industries to come together and share experiences, skills and knowledge to grow as a collective.

Attend our next HUG to meet and network with others who share the digital struggles we all deal with on a day to day basis and learn how others in your space are working and growing to achieve new levels of automation, business alignment and customer services.

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19. März 2024


Promote a Better Customer Experience through Self-Service with HubSpot

A new trend is sweeping across your customer base and only continues to gain momentum as we all lean into our digital tools and toys. Digital self-service is changing the way customers engage with brands and move through the customer journey. Let’s unpack this trend and help your business grow with it at this quarter's special event.

Past events


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Discover the Power of RevOps: We’re here to breakdown the buzzword.


Nurture like never before


Auckland HUG Q4: Getting The Most Out of Your CRM For Sales & Marketing

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