How B2B Tech Marketers Can Increase CTR and Lower CPC in Google Ads

Tue, Mar 14, 4:00 PM (UTC)


About this event

Few lead gen tactics are more complex and confusing to marketers than Google Ads. Join Mary Anne Boyle, PPC Specialist at Kiwi Creative, as she answers real-life FAQs from B2B tech companies, including:

  • Should we bid on our own company name?
  • How many keywords should we focus on?
  • What if our keywords are really expensive?
  • What's the minimum you need to spend on PPC before seeing meaningful results?
  • What's the #1 mistake you see B2B tech companies making in Google Ads?
  • How do you think Google Ads will change in the near future?
  • When would you recommend NOT doing PPC?
  • What are the best CTAs? The worst?
  • How can you use PPC beyond lead gen?
  • How should we be using HubSpot to monitor Google Ad performance?


  • Mary Anne Boyle

    Kiwi Creative

    PPC Specialist


  • Jen Lombardi

    Kiwi Creative

    HUG Leader