HubSpot AI Horizon: Unveiling Next-Gen Solutions for Frictionless Scaling

Oct 27, 2023, 7:00 – 7:45 AM

As a follow-up to our introduction to AI: explore the latest in HubSpot AI at our virtual HUG event. Discover new and upcoming releases, see real-world use cases, and engage in a Q&A with experts. Uncover how AI can enhance your marketing, sales, and service strategies. Join us for an insightful journey into HubSpot's AI advancements.

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About this event

Discover the latest and upcoming AI releases in HubSpot, and delve into real-world use cases and success stories with both HubSpot and OpenAI (using Microsoft's Azure OpenAI services) in our virtual HUG event. Learn how you can gain a competitive edge with AI and engage with experts in an interactive Q&A. 


Unveiling Recent AI Releases in HubSpot

  • Showcase of what you can currently do with the content tools
  • Showcase of what you can potentially do with workflows and OpenAI's APIs

Use-Cases Exploration 

  • Real-world demonstrations of AI in the workplace 
  • Using Teams & Microsoft Azure 
  • Sharing success stories and challenges (such as data privacy concerns and legal considerations)

Gaining a Competitive Edge with AI 

  • Journey through the 5 Stages of AI Adoption
  • Sharing Oxygen’s AI Experience

Interactive Q&A Session

  • This is your chance to have a HubSpot expert solve your AI queries on the fly!


  • Gareth Jones