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Hong Kong locals from Oxygen run the China HUGs, occasionally collaborating with other HubSpot experts and industry leaders from across the globe to provide invaluable teaching and training for HubSpot. As a community powered group, we create events and cover topics that are relevant to the latest trends as well as what HubSpot users in Asia are looking for insights on.

What Can You Expect From a China HUGs Event?

  • 1 - 2 Hour workshops and seminars
  • Expert contributions from industry & HubSpot leaders
  • Copies of our HubSpot webinar / workshop recordings & documents
  • Interactive sessions with Q&As

What Topics Do We Cover?

  • Asia-related HubSpot topics such as using HubSpot in China, HubSpot uses in APAC region, and more.
  • HubSpot latest product updates and features.
  • HubSpot marketing hub, sales hub, customer service hub, operations hub, and CRM hub training.
  • HubSpot integration uses and how-tos.
  • HubSpot best practices for a variety of topics such as inbound marketing, lead generation, revenue operations, and more.

Topics We've Covered

HubSpot in China

Navigating China's New Personal Data Security Law with HubSpot (and more)

Insider Tips: Using HubSpot in China [Blog Recap]

HubSpot Integrations 

Integrating WhatsApp with HubSpot: Level Up Your Instant Messaging Today (feat. Niswey) [Blog Recap]

Upcoming events



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Join our upcoming HUG event to understand HubSpot's new pricing model and what it means for your business. This session is designed to help you prepare for the upcoming changes, and potentially get more bang for your buck while unlocking new features.

Past events

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