Using HubSpot to Delight Customers into Advocates

Fri, May 28, 11:00 AM (CDT)

About this event

During this event, speaker Christina Bockisch from HubSpot will discuss ways that you can turn your customers into advocates and tips on using HubSpot to navigate the sometimes rocky waters of Customer Experience. She'll explore topics like: 

- Strategies, best practices, and tips for delivering great customer service and delighting customers

- How to use HubSpot to help with strategy, implementation, execution, reporting, and optimization 

- The importance of collecting customer feedback

- Creating a Feedback & Advocacy program

As a note, HUGs are now hosted in our new event platform! If you have attended HUGs in the past, registration looks a bit different. In order to register for this event you will need to sync with your HubSpot Portal. Check out this guide:

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  • Christina Bockisch

    Christina Bockisch


    Inbound Consultant

    Christina Bockisch is an Inbound Consultant at HubSpot where she works with businesses to deliver strategic consulting on marketing, sales, and customer service while helping her customers become power users of HubSpot. Prior to HubSpot, Christina spent five years working for HubSpot Solutions Partners as a content writer, inbound strategist, and social media manager. Christina earned a 2020 Gl...

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  • Nicole Frasor

    Nicole Frasor

    Mojo Media Labs

    HUG Leader

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