Crush your Sales Sequences with CUSTOMIZED AI Video

Apr 30, 5:00 – 6:00 PM

Education Fundraising an EdTech BDRs know automations like HubSpot Sequences are your best chance to prospect at scale. But in order to meaningfully connect with leads, you need to WOW them. Come see what other BDRs are doing to get meetings booked. Using custom AI videos to scale great sequences has never been possible, until now!

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About this event

You quickly identify when an email is machine sent, and so do your prospects. Which means, you've probably seen your read rate on your BDR emails drop. 

At the same time, we also know that automations like HubSpot Sequences are your best chance to help your future self and to be prospecting at scale. So how do you get your meeting-booked rates higher with emails that are sure to be eye-catching, and relevant? 

You probably already know that a personalized video is your best chance. BUT do you have time to a) play the volume game required in sales and to b) make personalized videos for your outreach goals?

In the EdTech and Education Fundraising sector, this is a known problem. You need to be able to hit 1000-2000 people a day and convince them to speak with you about money. When a bland email no longer works, and you don't have time for video - Potion is the tool you need to learn to insert into your HubSpot Sequences.

Imagine a world where you can be 20-50% more efficient with your HubSpot Sequences and get personalized videos. 

Come to this HUG to learn how to do it!

You'll learn:

1) How to stretch the top of your funnel wider with more leads

2) How to salably create personalized videos 

3) How to spend more time having conversations instead of sending emails into a void. 

We'll talk about:

1) How to better test your efforts

2) What messaging is better than others  

3) Success metrics to monitor


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