Interesting Use Cases: HubSpot's Custom Objects

May 9, 2023, 5:00 – 6:00 PM

HubSpot's custom object functionality is a game-changer when done right. While you can customize the HubSpot standard objects fairly well, custom objects allow you to tailor the platform to your exact needs.


About this event

After a custom object is set up and data is populated you can use them to improve your customer service, sales, marketing, and operations efforts! You don't have to be highly technical: this event is for anyone looking to improve their HubSpot setup and HubSpot processes, or even if you seek a better understanding of what custom objects can do. Attend and get inspired on how you can:

  • Track physical assets and their attributes and associate them with contacts, companies, deals, tickets, or other custom objects.
  • Vehicles, real estate, machinery, equipment.
  • Maintain warranty and product information such as purchase date, warranty start and end dates, usage, and even associate with service/warranty tickets.
  • Track custom processes such as production or installation services.
  • Anything else that you want to store important data and associate with other record types or stages.

After this session, attendees will:  

1. Understand how to evaluate potential use cases of custom objects and how to determine if they are a good fit or not.

2. Learn how to create and set up a custom object in HubSpot and associate them with their other objects.

3. Discover how to use custom object information in relationship to other HubSpot tools such as lists, workflows, reporting, and more.


  • Josh Curcio

    protocol 80, Inc.



  • Alysha Dominico

    Tangible Words

    CEO & Co-Founder


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