Let's spot customer friction and grow your revenue (Workshop)

Feb 28, 2023, 6:00 – 7:00 PM

Workshop: let's use the alleviation of friction as a spring board for revenue growth in 2023


About this event

You already know about the concept of the Flywheel for Revenue Growth. But, you might not know how to spot friction in your customers' eyes. Even more, you want to know how to plan activities in 2023 to help you grow revenue. Let's use this workshop to get both of those jobs done.

In this workshop, led by a 5-Star Platinum HubSpot Growth Agency, let's take time to:

1) Spot friction your customers might experience

2) Plan activities you can do this year so that the alleviation of friction becomes a spring board for revenue growth

3) Consider what automations in HubSpot would let you accomplish all these things.


  • Alysha Dominico

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  • Alysha Dominico

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