Why Hubspot Tools Align with Brain Science (Education NAM HUG)

Jun 22, 2022, 5:00 – 6:00 PM

Brain science shows that learning often has to do with how many times people need to see something - to learn it! In this HUG for the Education sector in North America we'll dive into how Hubspot's tools are designed to align with this theory.

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About this event

"Train your market" is one of marketing's oldest adages. But what does that look like in practice? So often marketing groups are changing branding, products and messaging in effort to improve customer acquisition attempts - it's hard to stabilize.

In this session we'll discuss how Hubspot tools are meant to help you train your market, by putting the same messages in front of your audiences. Even if your product changes, HubSpot marketing tools can easily adapt, and the tracking tools to see how your changes affected revenue are even better.

A key problem of HubSpot adoption and implementation is a lack of a roadmap to follow, and an understanding for how your company is using HubSpot so that as new stakeholders arrive, they add to your infrastructure instead of building it anew.

Train your market with:

1) Sequences  

2) Workflows/Email Marketing

3) ABM Hack

4) List power

5) CMS power

6) Targeted chatbots

Let's make sure your audience hears the message enough times to learn it - before you stop marketing to them. Leave ready to build your company's HubSpot blueprint.


  • Derek Labo


    Senior Customer Trainer


  • Alysha Dominico

    Tangible Words

    CEO & Co-Founder