Workflows You Wish You Knew Yesterday

Nov 30, 2022, 6:00 – 7:00 PM

Education (NAM)

We'll show you Workflows every one needs and few people have that you can build and start using right away!

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About this event

One of the key results of HubSpot Marketing Professional is your proficient use of Workflows. But alas, it's HARD to imagine all the workflows you need. It's HARDER to realize how they work together. And it's HARDEST to track which you can build now and which you need to set aside time to build later.  We'll give you the game plan. We'll show you which ones you likely want now, how to build them, and things to avoid with Workflows. We'll also show you how to systematize getting the workflows you'll need in the future, without getting overwhelmed about building them now.

We'll cover things like:

1) The What, Why and How of Daisy chaining workflows 

2) From Page View to Contact Owner Assignment  

3) Opt In workflows 

4) Deal Stage Idleness Alerts  

5) NPS Workflows 

AND we'll have time to take your requests and show off workflows you've built so you can network with the other companies in the audience!


  • Alysha Dominico

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    Graziani Multimedia

    Geek Executive Officer


  • Alysha Dominico

    Tangible Words

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