Capturing and Managing Enquiries in HubSpot

Education UK
Tue, Jan 11, 2022, 10:30 AM (GMT)

Staying on top of your admissions enquiries can be tricky for many educational organisations. Whether that be down to a lack of time or a sudden influx of new prospects after a big event. In this HUG event, we will be exploring the many ways to manage your admissions enquiries in HubSpot, from phone to form - all in one central space!

About this event

In this HUG event, we'll be covering the best way to manage admissions enquiries. We will be looking at the individual tools within HubSpot which help your marketing and admissions team to keep on top of things. These tips will really help you log, track and convert your enquiries, with a clear view of what stage each enquiry is at on their own individual admissions journey, enabling you to communicate more effectively and efficiently - boosting enrolment conversions!

In this HUG event we will cover:

  • The different channels enquiries come through
  • Automated follow-up communications to delight prospects 
  • Internal notifications and tasks to ensure no enquiries fall through the cracks 
  • Enquiries Pipeline creation to track, segment and manage live enquiries 

This event is perfect for those working in education marketing or admissions, who are looking to improve the impact of their marketing efforts and the quality of communications for their prospects. This session continues on our exploration of the customer journey within education marketing and admissions using HubSpot CRM. 




Tuesday, Jan 11
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM (GMT)


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