HubSpot for Education Agents

Oct 18, 2023, 10:00 – 11:00 AM

In this very special HUG, we delve into the best-fit HubSpot tools for Education Agents. HubSpot's inbound approach is a perfect fit for enabling personalised communications and establishing key relationships from an education agent perspective. Join us as we explore how the tools can be utilised to create memorable experiences and help grow your organisation!


About this event

We will be looking at how the inbound approach of HubSpot CRM is a perfect fit for streamlined communications, for both new families and schools, on their journeys with your organisation - right from their initial enquiry to becoming satisfied clients. Good communication and building trust is at the heart of this industry and we will be looking at the many ways HubSpot CRM enhances your approach to communications, helping to continuously grow your organisation and create positive experiences for your prospects.


➡️ Managing family and school contact data in HubSpot

➡️ Multiple deal pipelines

➡️ Personalising communications with key marketing tools


  • Sophie Frater

    HubGem Marketing Ltd

    Senior Business Development Consultant

  • Chloe Snedden

    HubGem Marketing Ltd

    Senior Business Development Consultant


  • Gemma Price

    HubGem Marketing Ltd

    HUG Leader | CEO at HubGem Marketing

  • Sophie Frater

    Senior Business Development Consultant

  • Chloe Snedden

    Senior Business Development Consultant

  • Olly Kenyon

    Marketing & CRM Consultant

  • Gemma Woods

    Senior Marketing & CRM Consultant

  • Guy Bloodworth

    CRM Training and Development Manager

  • Katie Hill

    Apprentice Marketing & CRM Executive

  • James Marriott

    Growth and Partnerships Manager

  • Amy Praties


    Marketing Executive

  • Danny Briggs

    Apprentice Business Development Executive