Running Open Events in HubSpot

Feb 3, 2022, 10:30 – 11:30 AM

Looking for ways to stand out and impress with a smooth open event process? In this education HUG event, we'll be covering how to use HubSpot to take your student recruitment events to the next level, resulting in better engagement, visitor experience and conversion rates.

About this event

In this HUG event, we'll be covering how to use all of the tools available in HubSpot to ensure your open event is a truly unique and personal experience for all prospects. You'll learn many tips and tricks in this session that will help you and your team to work better, more efficiently and save time, with real results.

In this HUG event we will cover:

  • Third-party integrations (Eventbrite, Go To Webinar, Zoom) and/or bespoke API marketing events integration
  • HubSpot forms for prospects to sign up to an open event 
  • Marketing events table or lists for an overview of registrants
  • Automated comms
  • Survey to capture feedback

This HUG event is perfect for those working in education marketing or admissions who are looking to improve the impact of their open event marketing efforts and the quality of communications for their prospects. This HUG continues on our exploration of the student journey within education marketing and admissions using HubSpot CRM. 


  • Sophie Frater

    HubGem Marketing Ltd

    Growth Consultant



Thursday, February 3, 2022
10:30 AM – 11:30 AM UTC




  • Gemma Price

    HubGem Marketing Ltd

    HUG Leader | CEO at HubGem Marketing

  • Sophie Frater


    Senior Business Development Consultant

  • Chloe Snedden

    Senior Business Development Consultant

  • Olly Kenyon

    Marketing & CRM Executive

  • Gemma Woods

    Senior Marketing & CRM Consultant

  • Guy Bloodworth

    CRM Training and Development Manager

  • Katie Hill

    Apprentice Marketing & CRM Executive

  • Amy Praties


    Senior Marketing Executive

  • Danny Briggs

    Apprentice Business Development Executive


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