Enterprise Level Use Cases Across Industries

Aug 8, 2023, 3:00 – 4:00 PM

Join Ryan Gunn of Aptitude 8 to explore the limitless possibilities of customizing HubSpot for enterprise-level companies across industries.


About this event

Whether you are currently a HubSpot Enterprise customer or Hubcurious about the possibilities, you'll want to see how you can use HubSpot's extensibility features to create a platform that aligns perfectly with your specific business needs.

Ryan Gunn, Director of Demand Gen & Marketing Ops at Aptitude 8, will demonstrate 3 examples of how companies could customize HubSpot to fit their industry.

We will delve into:

  • Creating a custom data model
  • Using automation for more than sending emails
  • Creating pipelines to track more than deals

Get ready to revolutionize your enterprise-level operations with HubSpot and unlock new possibilities for your organization's growth.

About Aptitude 8:

Aptitude 8 is an Elite HubSpot Solutions Partner with expertise across RevOps, Marketing Ops, WebOps, and Solutions Architecture. They help companies implement, integrate, and optimize the HubSpot platform. As a technical consulting firm with a business-process-first methodology, they'll never sell you out-of-the-box "onboarding" or pitch inbound marketing. They build solutions on HubSpot.

To learn more, visit aptitude8.com


  • Kyle Jepson


    HUG Leader

  • D'Ana Guiloff


    HUG Co-Leader

  • Kristeen Romero


    RevOps Technologist


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