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Welcome to the HubSpot Admins HUG - Your HubSpot User Group, for Admins!

The goal of this HUG is to give HubSpot Admins more access to HubSpot's product and engineering teams as well as connecting with community experts.

Whether you are a full-time, fractional, seasoned, brand-new, occasional, or even accidental admin, come join us. Each week, we'll meet up to give you the inside scoop on a particular part of the HubSpot platform to help you.

Frequent guests will include the HubSpot's product and engineering teams coming with new features and ideas for you to test out and give feedback on. We'll also occasionally have experts come to share information (strategies, tools, tactics & tips) that will help you succeed as a HubSpot Admin.

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Join your fellow Admins outside of the HUG events:

If you miss an event, you can find all recordings here, or at the bottom of this page.

Upcoming events

28 mai 2024


Custom Cards

An introduction to CRM extensibility

4 juin 2024


Roadblocks Unblocked: Maximizing Your HubSpot Data's Potential with Coefficient

Tired of report blockers, operational blockers, blockers that have blockers? Tired of not being able to use the data in the way you need to? Want to do your job better, faster? Coefficient unblocks just about every data roadblock you've experienced in HubSpot. Coefficient promises to extend the value of HubSpot. Not replace it.

11 juin 2024


Lead Scoring in Marketing Hub

Who says lead scoring is just for sales?

18 juin 2024



Come help design the future of Marketing Hub!

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Past events


Calling Adoption for Sales and Service Teams


CRM Setup


Revenue Observability: Removing Blind Spots for Better Data and Better Execution


Moving to Help Desk: Who, When, and Why

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HUG Co-Leader

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RevOps Technologist


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