The Low-Stress Guide to Maximizing CRM Adoption & Utilization

Nov 29, 2022, 5:00 – 6:00 PM

HubSpot Admins

Wondering how to drive adoption of your CRM and greater tech stack? Come learn from Doug Davidoff, founder and CEO of Imagine Business Development, as he shares his latest insights into what works.

About this event

It's estimated that companies spend $4.6 billion annually on CRM implementations. Today, CRM represents the largest category in the tech stack, with $80 billion in annual revenue by 2025. But, something is still fundamentally wrong. Depending on what research study you use, technology implementations (and especially core apps like the CRM) fail to deliver their intended results 50-70% of the time. The primary reason for failure? Poor adoption and utilization. Your CRM is only as good as the data it houses, and that is dependent on how it's being used. Over the last two plus years, we've been involved in almost 100 implementations, getting a firsthand seat into the good, the bad and the ugly.

We've implemented CRM in more than 25 industry verticals for companies with as few as 3 salespeople and as many as 350. We share our latest findings to enable you to unlock the vast potential of your CRM and greater tech stack.


  • Doug Davidoff

    Imagine Business Development

    Founder and CEO


  • Debbie Akintonde

    Amuseng Resources



  • Kyle Jepson


    HUG Leader

  • D'Ana Guiloff


    HUG Co-Leader

  • Kristeen Romero


    RevOps Technologist