Using Marketing Automation Tactics to Increase Conversion 🚀

Jun 22, 2022, 10:00 – 11:00 AM

On our next HubSpot User Group, we’re looking at how you can use the built-in marketing automation tools in HubSpot to streamline processes, enhance data integration and create contextual customer experiences – all working towards increasing your lead-to-customer conversion. 60 minutes. Actionable insights. Unlock HubSpot's full potential. Save your place now!

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About this event

Using Marketing Automation Tactics to Increase Conversion 🚀

🗓 22nd June @ 11am 

In a world where everyone’s trying to get more done in less time (with always-improving results!) marketing automation is here to make your life easier. And improve your customer’s experience with your business, because they’ll get more timely, relevant and targeted communications.

You’re likely already implementing some level of marketing automation, whether it’s simple servicing or lead nurturing. But there’s a lot more that can be done!

Marketing automation can be used across the entire customer lifecycle to create more connected, long-term relationships that increase conversion.

On our next HubSpot User Group, we’re looking at how you can use marketing automation to…

Streamline processes to save you time 
✅ Enhance data integration for better insights 
✅ Create contextual customer experiences that drive conversion 

Covering areas like email marketing, behavioural targeting, lead prioritisation and personalised messaging.

If you want to improve your customer's experience and save time, you don’t want to miss this HUG!

The HubSpot User Group is a free, one-hour webinar where our in-house HubSpot team will demonstrate how to make the most of the tools and features within the platform. It’s open to everyone that’s currently using HubSpot and wants to level up, as well as those keen to learn more about how it can help elevate your marketing strategy.

We look forward to seeing you there! 👋🧡


  • Sam Banks


    Head of Implementation

  • Jonny Clarke


    Senior Business Development Manager

  • Huw Roberts


    Head of Strategy


  • Natalie MacKenzie

    HUG Leader


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