Changes in Motion: On HubSpot's New Pricing Model and Email Deliverability

Mar 27, 8:00 – 9:00 AM

In this virtual meetup, we'll be joined by, Delvin Chew and Mun Shuen Wee of HubSpot Singapore, to talk about the new shifts happening within HubSpot's pricing structure. We'll also look into the latest advancements in email deliverability on the customer platform.

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About this event

Discover how HubSpot's new pricing model is revolutionizing the way businesses approach their business strategies. Gain valuable insights into the updated pricing dynamics and learn how it can empower your organization to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in your marketing efforts. Joining us in this discussion are our friends from HubSpot Singapore: Interim Manager for the Solutions Partner Team, Delvin Chew, and Channel Consultant, Mun Shuen Wee.

Additionally, discover how HubSpot is proactively addressing the increased security requirements set forth by Google and Yahoo, ensuring your emails maintain optimal deliverability rates. Gain valuable insights into the innovative features and strategies HubSpot has implemented to adapt to these changes and safeguard the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

Whether you're a seasoned HubSpot user or someone who's looking to purchase HubSpot, this event is a must-attend for anyone who wants to stay updated with the new changes on the customer platform. Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain exclusive insights and firsthand knowledge directly from the experts at HubSpot.


This meetup is FREE and open to everyone, both inside and outside the HUG Manila Community!

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  • Delvin Chew


    Interim Manager, Partner Solutions Team

  • Mun Shuen Wee


    Channel Consultant


  • Samantha Lumang

    HUG Manila



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    HUG Leader

  • David D'Angelo Jr.

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    Design Associate

  • Sarah Medilo

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    Chief Advocate

  • Jaco Cuenca

    Technology Evangelist


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