Let's learn how to do marketing and sales in an unobtrusive and helpful manner! 

We will have more information about this group and how you can get involved in 2023 coming in early January, with exciting events to follow all year long. Feel free to join our chapter now and we'll reach out when we have our first meet-up of the year is scheduled!

The Manila HUG is the first HubSpot user group in the Philippines and one of five HUGs in the Asia-Pacific region. We are a budding community of HubSpot practitioners, inbound advocates, and sales, service and, marketing professionals.

We host FREE regular learning and networking events for HubSpot users and marketing professionals!

Past events


Unwrapping 2024 Success: Harnessing HubSpot's Apps and Integrations


INBOUND 2023 Wrap-up: On HubSpot, Apps, and AI


How to Strategize Up: Setting the Mid-Year Course for Business Success


The Data Digest: Using Data Integration to Jumpstart Your 2023

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Samantha Lumang

HUG Leader
GetCre8ive Corporation

David D'Angelo Jr.

Design Associate
GetCre8ive Corporation

Sarah Medilo

Chief Advocate
GetCre8ive Corporation

Jaco Cuenca

Technology Evangelist


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