Recruiting, Onboarding and Supporting a Powerhouse Sales Team

Monday, May 24, 2021, 3:00 – 4:30 PM UTC

With special guest Dan Tyre, HubSpot Sales Leader and Legend

About this event

Fostering a strong sales team takes work. From finding, interviewing, and hiring to training, onboarding, and ongoing support, there are many stages to building a successful sales environment. While Dan could spend an hour + on each of these areas, we are packing the full spectrum of sales systems into one hour!

In this presentation we will learn:

  • How to find, interview and recruit the right salespeople
  • Onboarding new salespeople, to help them find their own leads and get productive quickly
  • Leveraging conversational intelligence for training and improving at scale 
  • Tools for generating more leads, prospects, deals, and customers

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  • Dan Tyre


    Sales Director


  • Bryan Koegel

    Morey Creative Studios

    Chief Growth Officer


  • Daniel Zúñiga

    HUG Leader

  • Aileen Pierce

    HUG Support