Recruiting, Onboarding and Supporting a Powerhouse Sales Team

New York
Mon, May 24, 11:00 AM (EDT)

With special guest Dan Tyre, HubSpot Sales Leader and Legend

About this event

Fostering a strong sales team takes work. From finding, interviewing, and hiring to training, onboarding, and ongoing support, there are many stages to building a successful sales environment. While Dan could spend an hour + on each of these areas, we are packing the full spectrum of sales systems into one hour!

In this presentation we will learn:

  • How to find, interview and recruit the right salespeople
  • Onboarding new salespeople, to help them find their own leads and get productive quickly
  • Leveraging conversational intelligence for training and improving at scale 
  • Tools for generating more leads, prospects, deals, and customers

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  • Dan Tyre

    Dan Tyre


    Sales Director

    At HubSpot, Dan has pioneered the concept of alignment between sales and marketing known as "Smarketing," a core tenet of inbound marketing now followed by thousands of companies around the world. He's been instrumental in the creation and growth of several sales teams that are now thriving hives of activity at HubSpot, including the International, VAR, Emerging Business, and Spider Monkey team...

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  • Host

  • Bryan Koegel

    Bryan Koegel

    Morey Creative Studios

    Chief Growth Officer

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  • Jon Sasala

    Jon Sasala

    Morey Creative Studios


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    Sage Levene

    Community Manager

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