How to build a successful lead scoring model: A framework for SaaS companies

Wed, Dec 14, 7:30 AM (UTC)

Inbound Marketing
Sales and Marketing Alignment

About this event

This December's HUG is all about how to work with lead scoring. Working with HubSpot you've probably come across lead scoring, but you might not have known how to implement it. We are here to help you get started and guide you through the basics of lead scoring.

Lead scoring is the process of assigning points to individual leads. It's essential for marketing and sales in order to identify whether leads need more nurturing or are ready for sales.

What information do you need to qualify a good-fit lead?

There are some distinct types of information that you must include to build a successful lead scoring model. At Helion B2B, we always use 4 types of information which are a mix of company information and individual interactions:

  • ICP data
  • Demographic information
  • Engagement
  • Intent

Even though a lead has engaged with your website or emails–and they got a good score–they might not be in the market for your product or service. So you need to build your lead score with both positive and negative values, so you are able to deduct points from those whose interactions indicate little interest in your brand.

How to work with lead scoring?

There is not one way to do it. But at Helion B2B, we have built a lead scoring framework specifically for you working with SaaS. Our lead scoring framework categorizes leads into 4 different levels of lead scoring. This makes it easy to identify where in your marketing-sales cycle a lead is at, who owns it, and what's the next action.

You are free to copy-paste our framework or you can use it as inspiration to build your own. Just remember that lead scoring works as a part of your lead generation strategy. It is not something that can stand alone.

So, if you want to learn how to build a lead score, what information to include, and how to set it up in HubSpot consider this HUG an early Christmas present for you!

It’s on December 14 at 8.30 AM and you can save your (virtual) seat at the top of the page.


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