Discover How to Turn Customers into Promoters

Mar 24, 2022, 4:00 – 5:00 PM

According to the HubSpot Annual State of Service Report, over 80% of customers have higher service expectations than in the past. Join the Orlando HUG on March 24th at 12 PM EDT as our guest speaker, Zoya Khatuntseva, Principal Channel Account Manager at HubSpot, walks through best use cases for using Service Hub to help create customer fans through a robust customer experience platform.


About this event

HUG Event: March 24, 2022, at 12:00 PM EDT

2020 and 2021 were tumultuous years that stretched and challenged the experience and service expectations of businesses and customers. This year is no different. Customer service expectations and experiences continue to be key determinants of brand and company loyalty, with consistent preferences for self-service, personalization, and real-time resolutions.

The need for a robust service application to help you exceed your customer expectations is paramount in today’s environment.

Join us on March 24th 12 PM EDT to hear from Zoya Khatuntseva, a Principal Channel Account Manager and Senior Growth Specialist at HubSpot, about real use cases for HubSpot's Service Hub and how this newly-enhanced service tool is transforming client experiences. 

As you enjoy your lunch, tune in to hear about the latest HubSpot Service Hub capabilities that allow you to:

  • Run and automate almost any post-sale or non-revenue driving process using ticketing pipelines.
  • Seamlessly hand off closed-won customers to post-sale teams for onboarding, training, order fulfillment, etc.
  • Create a white-glove omni channel service experience for your customers.
  • Improve retention with new and improved support tools to keep your customers engaged and happy throughout their lifetimes

Are you ready to learn how to serve your customers and sell more to your modern-day buyer?

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  • Zoya Khatuntseva


    Principal Channel Account Manager


  • Alexi Leimbach


    HUG Leader

  • Nancy Lambert


    CEO & Co-Founder