Let’s Get Personal with Smart Content

Apr 28, 2023, 4:00 – 5:00 PM


Smart content is a brilliant way to be more personal with your Contacts. Don’t waste precious marketing space on generic messaging that speaks to everyone and no one. HubSpot provides you with insights into your contacts’ real interests and pain points. So, join us on 4/28 @ 12 pm to learn how to speak about those interests and pain points in your emails, landing pages, and website pages.

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About this event

Ever wonder how Smart Content actually works? It’s truly the best way to provide the personalized experience your Contacts expect.

In 2023, your goal should be to create engaging content that actually speaks to people’s interests and needs. Go beyond what you think your customers want and gather insights into their true pain points, frustrations, and goals.

Then use Smart Content to deliver content that specifically addresses those personalized needs.

Smart Content provides the individualized experience your Contacts expect by displaying content that is relevant to them. Whether it’s an email, landing page, website page, or CTA, you can change what people see according to their interests, industry, job title, lifecycle stage, location, and so much more.

So how does Smart Content work?

Find out in our next HUG group! We’ll do a live online demo to show you exactly how you can use Smart Content and why it should be your BFF in 2023.

You have HubSpot – now let’s get the most out of your investment!


It really won’t be the same without you.  


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