HubSpot CMS: Why we're not using WordPress Anymore

Feb 13, 6:00 – 7:00 PM

WordPress was the leader of CMS and it's still "good" - but here's where HubSpot CMS stands out.


About this event

Why are companies switching from WordPress to HubSpot CMS? Come to this session to learn from a WordPress and HubSpot CMS developer expert why HubSpot CMS is what both marketers and sales people now prefer. 

1) What can "HubSpot All In One" really deliver as a CMS? 

2) Rolling back the hood: what's the hidden cost of each CMS?

3) Things nobody tells you about building (and re-developing) your website (but we will).


  • Tim Jones

    Eternal Works

    CEO & Founder


  • Alysha Dominico

    Tangible Words

    HUG Leader


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