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How the Marketing Playbook has Changed in 2021 | Find out what's in and what's out this year!

Thu, May 27, 2021, 10:00 AM (AEST)

About this event

Can you believe we're almost 6 months into 2021? As the world has undoubtedly changed so has the marketing playbook. Join your Sydney HubSpot User Group Leaders in discussing how the marketing playbook has changed in 2021. 

Our first virtual HUG for 2021 will be covering:

1. HubSpot Pro Tip w. Nick

HubSpot's powerhouse, Growth Stack continues to grow with the introduction of Operations Hub earlier this month. Are you really getting the most out of your HubSpot platform? Our pro tip will help you drive more success in 2021.

2. Keynote: How the Marketing Playbook has changed in 2021 w. Tony & Moby

A global pandemic, the 4th Industrial Revolution, and AI-driven customer experience - the marketing landscape has changed but is your playbook keeping up? Find out what should be in and what should be out of your 2021 Marketing Playbook in this fast-paced, 20-minute session, with your HUG Leaders Moby and tony. 

3. Follow up panel discussion

Unpack the 2021 Marketing Playbook, unlock your marketing challenges, and understand (well, we had to keep the 'uns' going) any of the new features of HubSpot's Growth Stack with our partner panel of experts.

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  • Moby Siddique

    Moby Siddique

    RedPandas Digital

    CEO & Strategist

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  • Tony Eades

    Tony Eades

    Salted Stone

    Chief Strategy Officer + CEO (APAC)

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  • Nick Bayliss

    Nick Bayliss


    Customer Success Manager